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Dietary / Nutritional Services

Does the thought of what your next meal will consist of cause you anxiety? 


  • Do you struggle with loving yourself internally and externally because of your conflicted relationship with food? 

  • Are you tired of trying every fad diet out there only to fall back into old patterns without ever feeling successful? 

  • Have you heard of Intuitive Eating or Health at Every Size and have questions on how it can help you?


It can be overwhelming and painful to struggle with food. It can be hard to watch others enjoy something that causes you so much anxiety and tension. 


When you have a conflicted relationship with food it can impact you on so many levels. Be it lowered self-esteem, constantly thinking about food, constantly feeling like you have to compensate for the food you have eaten, thinking about body image, feelings of shame, guilt when you eat, feelings of failure, shame for not exercising, a desire to avoid social events that may include eating, constant struggles with diets, feeling overwhelmed with fad diets, and so much more. 


Our goal at the Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center is to help our clients walk away from the constant battle with food to create a long-term positive relationship with one’s body and nutrition. 


Most people struggle with nutrition at some point in their lives. 


It is estimated that 45 million people start diets each year in the United States and that 184 million Americans reported watching what they ate in 2020 (U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey). Many people believe that we are exposed endless messages of “the perfect body,” “what true health looks like” or “the best diet plan” to the point of it changing our overall sense of self. These messages change the way that we view ourself and create a strained or down right painful relationship with food over time. But the problem with these messages is that they are not created for you. They do not take into consideration who you are as an individual and what you truly need. 


What does individualized care look like? 


What does it look like to have dietary counseling that actually looks at who you are as an individual? We believe that in order to create long term positive changes for our clients we must look at multiple factors including: 

  • Current Lifestyle 

  • Eating for Wellness 

  • Levels of Motivation 

  • Weight Inclusivity 

  • Overall Health and Other Health Factors 

    • Diabetes 

    • Cancer 

    • Eating Disorders 

    • Chronic Pain 

    • Anxiety 

    • Depression 

    • Etc.

  • Access to Resources 

  • Past Diet Attempts 

  • Trauma

  • And So Much More


We at the Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center we utilize multiple best practice approaches to helping you reach your individual goals, but some of the most prevalent are Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and behavioral recognition. This approach helps us to meet you where you are at to develop a weight inclusive approach to help you create a better relationship with your body. 


We work to help you to end the uncertain relationship with nutrition and to building a more positive and healthy relationship with food, exercise, and your body. We strive to help you to feeling more comfortable with food in every aspect of your life that it impacts. We are here to listened and validate to create reasonable and doable goals for the week. We want you to be successful long term and achieve food freedom.  


Our Registered Dietitian can help you. 



Do you still have questions about Dietary Counseling? 


Will you put me on a weight loss meal plan?

No, you can consider our approach the anti-diet approach. Most diets fail because they are not based on your lifestyle, your nutritional history, and your goals.  We will assess and calculate your individualized nutritional needs and focus on eating behaviors vs. prescribing a weight loss plan. This helps our clients to obtain better results for long lasting success.


Will you make me cut out certain food? 

We firmly believe that all foods fit into everyone lifestyle in variety, moderation, and balance.  


Will you judge the way the I eat or look? 

No. All of our providers take an empathetic and compassionate approach to all eating styles and body types. We do not place any judgement on your past / current eating patterns or your current relationship with food. Our overall goal is to simply help you create a healthier relationship with food.  Do note that sometimes we talk about things other than food, such as emotions and underlying factors, this is not due to judgement but because we are truly working to identify any underlying factors to better assist you. 


How quickly will I see a change? 

It takes time to change the eating patterns that have been created over months or year and to repair one’s relationship with food. But we do like to get as quick of a start as we can. Therefore, we typically ask for a 3-day food record prior to the first appointment so that we can be as productive as possible from our very first meeting onward. 


Will insurance cover my sessions?

Please take a look at our Q & A Page to learn more about insurance coverage here.


You can reclaim your relationship with food. 


If you are ready to stop focusing on the details of every meal to live a life free of nutritional stress, then call us today to set up an appointment with or Registered Dietitian Kourtney, at (760) 566-5516.  Let us help you make peace with your relationship with food and your body. 

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