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About Us


The Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center consists of clinical therapists from different backgrounds and theoretical approaches in order to meet the needs of the clients they serve. 

You may notice that some of the clinical therapists are Marriage and Family Therapists and some are Clinical Social Workers. Clinical therapists in both of these approaches are highly trained, go through rigorous education programs, thousands of hours of pre-licensed training, and detailed examinations prior to obtaining licensure. 


We do not feel that any one type of clinical title (LMFT, LCSW, LPCC, Ph.D or any other) makes a clinical therapist more superior than any other, in that it is based more in the clinical therapists dedication to knowledge and their client's success. Therefore, the Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center prides itself on high levels of continued education, dedication to professional and interpersonal growth, monitoring advancements in the field, and ensuring best practice approaches are utilized. We believe that above all else, how comfortable you feel with your therapist is the most important. 

Please take a moment to review each Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center therapist's information to see who you may prefer! 

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