Anxiety Treatment

Is anxiety preventing you from reaching your goals? 


Are you struggling to reach your true potential? 

Are your relationships dwindling and you can’t figure out how to save them? 

Are you stuck knowing that anxiety has taken control of your life and do not know what to do to change this? 


Maybe you answered yes to one of these questions, or maybe all of them spoke to you. Maybe you think “If I could just go one day without anxiety or without worrying about being anxious, I will be able to see what I can truly accomplish and I will be able to build off this success.” 


Most people experience increased anxiety at some point in their lives. 


“Just calm down.” “Take a deep breath.” “It’s fine.” We have all heard the words from friends, family, and co-workers. But let’s face it, those statements don’t help. Or we may have been told to do some self-care, which is great, but there is so much more to it. If these are the only words you have to go by, we are not surprised that you have not been able to tame your anxiety. It’s a beast that can’t “just calm down.” 


But you are not alone. Prior to COVID it has been shown that 1 in 4 people in the US experiences anxiety. In the wake of lockdowns, job loss, and overall life changes due to the pandemic, anxiety has become even more common. But you do not have to suffer through anxiety symptoms. You do not have to live in fear of how or when your anxiety will take over. You can manage your anxiety and take control of your life. 


So, what can you do? 


If you are tired of feeling like you put everything into your life, your relationships, and your projects, which are great for a while, but then like the flip of a light switch, they are all wrong. If you feel like the overwhelming thoughts don't stop and you feel like you have failed, then today is the day. 

​Let one of our anxiety management experts work with you to help you to identify where your anxiety is rooted. Let us teach you the tools you need to identify your anxiety before it is out of control. Let us teach you how to actually use coping skills the correct way so that they can make an impact on your anxiety. 


Each of our therapist’s approach to anxiety management is different and because they all have different specialty training to assist you in your anxiety management. Some use a Cognitive Behavioral approach, some use a Solution focused approach, and sometimes we may use aspects of Mindfulness or Attachment Work. But we will all tailor our interventions to your individual anxiety levels, types of anxiety, and anxiety triggers. Our goal is for you to feel safe while processing your anxiety, without judgement, while you learn the needed tools to manage your anxiety not only in the session but also in your day-to-day life. 


Our team has over 30 years of experience helping to relieve anxiety and we believe that anxiety management is possible because you have the ability to take the steps to manage your anxiety. To live a life that you are in control of. To reach your goals without anxiety holding you back.


There are so many reasons why breaking the choke hold anxiety has over you and your life is important. Let us help you identify your reasons for wanting to reduce your anxiety and help you to reach these goals. 


What does a life without anxiety look like? 


Imagine waking up and your mind is already relaxed and focusing on your goals for the day. Your relationships are rewarding and enjoyable. You are able to engage in social events and job tasks without fear. You know what you are capable of and you have the confidence to reach your goals. Your negative self-talk, catastrophic thinking, and anxious avoidance patterns are gone.  And finally, when you lay down to go to sleep at night you are able to fall asleep without any racing thoughts. 



You may still have questions. 


What if I am too anxious and can’t come to the session? 

We understand anxiety and sometimes talking about your anxiety with someone you do not know yet can be anxiety provoking. We absolutely want to make sure that all of our clients are able to get to know their therapist and that they are able to build a trusting relationship with them. Having trust in the therapeutic relationship will help you to be able to work through your anxiety. We also provide telehealth services, so if you are not yet comfortable coming to the office, we are more than happy to meet with you online as well. 


What if it doesn’t work? 

In our experience, those that are truly ready to reduce their anxiety and are open in the therapeutic process begin to see changes quickly. If you feel that you have not seen any change this is something to discuss with your therapist. 


Do I have to take medication to reduce my anxiety? 

We do not force any client to do anything that they do not wish to do, this includes taking medication. Your therapist may provide you with general information relating to medication or referrals to a psychiatrist if you ask for them. However, our approach to anxiety management is from a psychotherapy perspective which means we do not prescribe medication to our clients. If you are currently taking medication your therapist will create an individualized plan for you based on your current medication and may ask to consult with your psychiatrist to do so. 



Psychotherapy can help. 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most effective treatment for anxiety, as seen in research study after research study. All of our therapists are fully trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and additional evidence-based practices to successfully reduce anxiety.  We feel that our highly trained therapists will be able to help you or your loved one to reduce their levels of anxiety, as we have been able to do for so many prior clients. 


You can reduce your anxiety. 


Although we have multiple therapists that specialize in reducing anxiety, we want to pair you with the therapist that will be the best fit for you. Please contact us to set up an appointment with the therapist that will be the best fit for you at (760) 566-5516. 




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