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Anxiety Treatment

Is Anxiety Preventing You From Reaching Your Goals?

  • Are you struggling to reach your true potential?

  • Have your relationships been dwindling, and you can’t figure out how to save them?

  • Do you feel like anxiety has taken control of your life, but you don’t know how to break out of these patterns?


Maybe you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions. Perhaps you’ve even caught yourself thinking, “If I could just go one day without anxiety, I’ll finally be able to see what I can truly accomplish and build off of this success.”

Dealing With Persistent Anxiety Isn’t Easy


“Just calm down.” “Take a deep breath.” “It’s fine.” We have all heard these words from friends, family, and co-workers. But let’s face it: those statements don’t help. Or maybe you have been told to practice self-care, which is great, but there is so much more to healing. If these are the only words of advice you have to go by, it’s not surprising that you have not been able to tame your anxiety. It’s a beast that can’t “just calm down.”

Maybe you’re tired of questioning every major decision you make. Even when you’re having a good day, and you momentarily feel calm and content, your anxiety can kick in like the flip of a light switch.

If the overwhelming thoughts won't stop, and you constantly feel like you have failed (even when you haven’t done anything wrong), anxiety treatment can help you get your symptoms under control.

Anxiety Is An Increasingly Common Experience


You are not alone in your struggle. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, studies revealed that 1 in 4 people in the US experienced anxiety. In the wake of lockdowns, job losses, and the tumultuous lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic, anxiety has become even more common.

It can be hard to find a sense of certainty and stability in a world that feels so unpredictable. But you do not have to suffer through anxiety symptoms. You don't have to live in fear of how or when your anxiety will take over. You can manage your anxiety and take control of your life.

A Life Free Of Persistent Anxiety Is Possible


Imagine waking up and your mind is already relaxed and focusing on your goals for the day. Your relationships are rewarding and enjoyable, and you’re able to engage in social events and professional obligations without fear. You know what you are capable of, have the confidence to reach your goals, and your negative self-talk, catastrophic thinking, and anxious avoidance patterns are gone. And finally, when you lay down to go to sleep at night, you are able to drift off without any racing thoughts.

With professional counseling, healing your anxiety is not just a dream; it’s within your reach.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Build The Life You Want


Our anxiety therapists are ready to help you to figure out the root causes of your anxiety. We can give you the tools you need to identify your anxiety triggers so that you can make beneficial lifestyle changes. And we can teach you how to apply practical coping skills to alleviate your symptoms so you can navigate your daily life without succumbing to anxiety.

What To Expect In Anxiety Therapy


When you start anxiety treatment, you’ll get the opportunity to talk to one of our counselors about what you’ve been struggling with and what you hope to gain from therapy. We will tailor our interventions based on your individual anxiety levels, types, and triggers.

Our goal is for you to feel safe while processing your anxiety, without judgment. During sessions, you’ll learn how to use essential tools to manage your symptoms and be able to apply these strategies in your day-to-day life. 

Approaches To Anxiety Treatment


Each of our therapists takes a unique approach to anxiety treatment. Our counselors have training in a wide variety of specialties, allowing them to personalize your treatment plans. We use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat anxiety and/or a solution-focused approach. And sometimes, we might incorporate mindfulness practices or attachment work into your treatment plan.


While your counselor will be equipped to draw techniques from several therapeutic approaches for your sessions, extensive research has established that Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the most effective treatment for anxiety disorders. Therefore, all of our therapists are fully trained in CBT as well as additional evidence-based practices to successfully reduce anxiety. We are confident that our highly qualified therapists will be able to help you cope with your anxiety and commit to lasting healing, as we have been able to do for so many prior clients. 

Our team has over 30 years of experience working with clients to relieve anxiety. We know that recovering from anxiety is possible because, with the right support system, you have the power to break the chokehold anxiety has on you and control your life.

By working with us, you can finally determine what’s causing your anxiety, learn how to reduce your stress levels, and start living the life you’ve always envisioned.


But You May Still Have Questions About Anxiety Treatment…

What if I’m too anxious to attend therapy sessions?

We understand that for many people with anxiety, the idea of talking about your mental health with someone you’ve never met can be extremely stressful. And we absolutely want to make sure that all of our clients are able to get to know their therapists.

Working with our therapists, you will have the opportunity to build a comfortable relationship with them on your own timeline. Having trust


in the therapeutic relationship will help you to be able to work through your anxiety. We also provide telehealth services; so if you are not yet comfortable coming to the office, we are more than happy to meet with you online. 

I’m not sure anxiety treatment will really work for me.


If you’ve been struggling with anxiety for a long time, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that nothing can help you heal. But in our experience, those that are truly ready to reduce their anxiety and are open to the therapeutic process begin to see changes quickly.

With the right therapist, you might be surprised by how much progress you can make in just a few sessions. But if you feel you are not seeing any change, this is something to discuss with your therapist.

Do I have to take medication to reduce my anxiety?


We do not force any client to do anything that they do not wish to do; this includes taking medication. Your therapist may provide you with general information related to medication or referrals to a psychiatrist if you ask for them. However, we apply a psychotherapy approach to anxiety treatment, which means we do not personally prescribe medication to our clients.

If you are already taking medication, your therapist will create an individualized plan for you based on your current medication regimen. They may ask to consult with your psychiatrist to do so.

You Can Reach Your Goals Without Anxiety Holding You Back


Although we have multiple therapists that specialize in reducing anxiety, we want to pair you with the therapist that will be the best fit for you. If you’re ready to break free from anxiety’s control over your life, please contact us to set up an appointment at (760) 566-5516.

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