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ADD / ADHD Treatment 

Are You Tired Of Feeling Out Of Control And Being Labeled As “Disorganized” And “Forgetful?”

  • Do you feel like you’re letting others or yourself down when you forget to do something?

  • Are you frequently misplacing your phone, keys, or wallet?

  • Do you lose track of time focusing on a less important task, or have difficulty focusing on one task at a time?

  • Do you feel sensitive to criticism from a significant other or boss over their expectations not being met?

  • Have you noticed that you act (or speak) without thinking and later regret the action?


If you’ve been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, you may think “If I could just be better at remembering to follow through, things would be better.” Maybe you feel others characterize you as being careless and forgetful by those around you. This can be hurtful and inaccurate, which can lead to lower self-esteem and feelings of shame or guilt. It may be that in relationships, your shortcomings are focused on and nagged, despite your efforts to do your best. 

You may have felt like you’ve tried every strategy under the sun and it just doesn’t seem to help over time. But have you tried therapy? Therapy for adults with ADD/ADHD can help you enhance your communication skills and time management skills, and can help improve relationship quality with loved ones or in the professional setting.

ADD/ADHD Can Cause You To Feel Effects In All Aspects Of Life


ADD/ADHD does not go away over time. A person can either learn to manage the symptoms or continue with the behavioral patterns and effects. It is common for people with ADD/ADHD to experience patterns of high motivation to try a new method, then over time motivation to continue using the method decreases, and eventually, the behavior returns and the cycle starts again. Sometimes this looks like challenges with remembering to complete a request from a significant other or boss, or even running chronically late due to misjudging the amount of time needed.


When talking about ADD/ADHD, most people refer to the “classic” symptoms: being forgetful, hyperactive, or easily distracted. What is not talked about are the challenges that these symptoms create in romantic relationships and careers. Forgetting to bring home milk for your family after work or forgetting to follow up with your boss like they asked you to may not cause immediate problems. But as we know, this happening over time can create tension and challenges at home and in the workplace. Typically, it’s not enjoyable to feel micromanaged by our significant others or bosses.


The good news, however, is that when you can identify and execute changes that can be helpful, you can take control back over your life and minimize the impact of these behaviors. ADD/ADHD treatment can provide you with tailored strategies to help you feel more confident in the areas of your life that you want to target.


Therapy for ADD/ADHD Can Help You Feel Like You’re Back In The Driver’s Seat Of Life


Moran Family Counseling is here to assist you in developing better skills to deal with your ADD/ADHD, such as time management skills, learning how to better limit distractions, and managing emotional reactions in response to perceived criticism. Oftentimes it is viewed that medication is the only option for ADD/ADHD treatment. While medication has been proven to be highly effective, simultaneously working with a skilled ADD/ADHD therapist can assist you with developing the necessary skills that support the medication’s effectiveness.

What To Expect In Sessions


Typically, what you can expect in a session with your therapist is for them to gather important information related to your background to help us better understand who you are and what your experiences have been.


Next, we set realistic goals together. We like to work with you as a team to collaborate on simple, measurable goals that will ultimately set you up for success and more life satisfaction.


This would be the time for you to tell your therapist that you want to be less forgetful at work, have better control over your emotional reactions, or even complete tasks in a timely manner.


Throughout our sessions together, we take on the role of teaching new skills while also giving a space to process the diagnosis’ impact you may not have noticed could be related (i.e. problems in your marriage, feeling micromanaged, being called “forgetful” or being told you did something on purpose).

A Client-Centered Approach to ADD/ADHD Treatment


Moran Family Counseling has helped adults with ADD/ADHD reach success through our client-centered approach. This not only includes success in romantic relationships and careers, but also interpersonal goals and overall positive life changes. 


We like to view ourselves as only a piece to your ADD/ADHD puzzle and work to include your expertise on your feelings and experiences, coordination with your psychiatrists if you are taking medication, and possible additional meetings with your loved ones, if you choose.

Your therapist wants you to feel supported and heard.

You May Be Interested In Starting ADD/ADHD Therapy, But You Still Have Questions…


Isn’t medication the best way to manage ADD/ADHD?


While medication can be extremely helpful, they are not a cure-all. You and your therapist would work on learning better tools and strategies to support you while taking medication for ADD/ADHD.

I don’t take medication and I’m not about to start. Will you still work with me?


Yes. Even though many adults with ADD/ADHD choose to take medication for treatment, this does not mean you have to. We support our clients that choose to take medication and those that choose not to take medication. The decision to take medication is a highly important and personal decision. Our therapists will never force you to take any form of medication or make you feel less than for choosing not to take medication.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. I think I have grown out of it, but I still run into some of the same challenges. Can you help with this?


If you are still running into the same challenges, chances are you have not grown out of it. But the reality of it is that you don’t actually grow out of ADD/ADHD, you learn skills to better manage it. This is something that we can help you to do as well.

I have such a hard time with following and reaching my own goals. What will you do to change this?


We find that many people with ADD/ADHD have goals that need a few adjustments in order to be achieved. For example, setting a goal that we think can be met in a short period of time that in reality is a long-term goal and will take quite a while to accomplish.


If your goals are not realistic, they set you up for feelings of failure and we help our clients to avoid this by creating realistic short-term goals that build to the long-term goals. We also help our clients with aspects of procrastination, follow-through, and managing individualized executive functioning challenges to make reaching goals easier.

You Can Make The Change!


If you’re ready to start ADD/ADHD therapy and take control of your life, give us a call or send us an email at We’re ready to do a consultation to introduce ourselves and see if our practice is the right fit for what you’re looking for.

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