Sex Therapy

Has your relationship lost its passion? 


Are you happy in your relationship in all other areas other than sex? 


Does the thought of having to talk about your sexual dissatisfaction, “sexual problems”, or sexual interests make you want run the other way? 


A great deal of the clients and couples that we work with are very happy in their relationships and marriages except for the area of sex and intimacy. It is okay to be great parents and / or wonderful friends with a trusted and solid connection to one another. But what happens when that is all you are and you start to feel like roommate or platonic best friends.  


We understand that relationships change and evolve over time, there may be new stressors that are introduced that impact a couple’s sex life. Some of these can include starting a family, financial stressors, changes in job / careers, sleep schedules, lack of communication about needs, attachments challenges, affairs, and resentments. But we are here to help.

Most people experience shifts in their sexual desires over time. 


We know that it can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to talk directly to your partner about your wants and needs. Especially if your wants and needs have changed over time. 


We know that sometimes this shift can be a slow one that you started to notice over time or it may be a sudden shift that you think has forever altered your relationship. 


We also know how frustrating and discouraging it can be when you have had these conversations with your partner and you do not think that anything has changed. But the truth is that there may be more preventing your sexual connection than what you see at the surface. 


Let’s end the rift in your sexual connection


Jessica Moran will work with you (and your partner) to identify the true source of your lack of sexual gratification.  She will help you to understand the relationship dynamics that are impacting your relationship on multiple levels. Her goal is to then give you the tools needed to gradually make changes on an emotional, mental, and physical level to meet your sexual and relationship wants and needs. 

What should I expect?


Sex therapy is not a quick fix. Jessica Moran uses evidenced based and best practice approaches to help individuals and couples to reach a higher level of sexual satisfaction. She will never use or encourage detrimental approaches or fads that traumatize clients, like assigning sex as homework or pushing past safe spaces. Moran will pull from her training as an Emotion Focused Therapist to gently explore attachment aspects within the relationship and solution focused techniques to address specific individual needs. Sex therapy is designed to help individuals and couples to understand sexual desires and create healthy expectation and boundaries to have these desires met. 



Some common questions...


I have sexual trauma history but am now in a safe relationship where I want to have a healthy sex life, are you able to help? 

At the Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center we work from a team approach. This may look like one of our trauma therapists and our sex therapist working together with you to process your trauma while also creating the sexual relationship that you desire. 


I am interested in some kinky stuff. Is that okay to talk about? 

Yes, in sex therapy (and all forms of therapy for that matter) you need to be able to openly discuss everything. If you are interested in creating a healthy sexual dynamic that includes BDSM or any level of kink, therapy is a safe place to process boundaries and safety components with your partner objectively. 



My partner and I have been in a long-term monogamous relationship but they now want to explore polyamory, is sex therapy what we should be doing?

Although sex may play a role in the desire to transition to a polyamory lifestyle, it is not the only aspect. We are happy to help you and your partner to work through the sexual aspects of the transition to aspects of a polyamory relationship for one or both of you. However, relationship counseling may be a better fit for you. Please read more about our relationship counseling here.


I am experiencing Erectile Dysfunction what do I do? 

Our therapist will start with clients experiencing both Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation by first assessing if they are biological or psychological in origin. This will help to create a clear treatment plan for you. If your ED or PE is biological your therapist, with your consent, will work with your primary care doctor to address symptomology. If your ED or PE is psychological in nature your therapist will work with you, and possibly your partner, to identify causes and process through the psychological aspects while also teaching you tools to use to increase your sexual satisfaction. 



Are you ready to embrace change? 


If you are ready to identify your sexual desires and work to make these a reality, in a safe and healthy way, please contact the Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center today to schedule a Sex Therapy session with Jessica Moran at (760)566-5516. 


Sex Therapy services are provided by Jessica Moran LMFT, whom is in the process of obtaining a doctorate and dual certification in sex therapy and is under the supervision of Cay Crow.