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Wellness & Coaching Services


The services that we provide are aimed at reducing the challenges and discomfort that one feels in their lives. This may be through work with an individual, couples, family, or group wellness sessions. 


Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to wellness that allows each individual the opportunity for self-discovery and empowerment. Our wellness practices focus on: 

  • reduction of stress and anxiety

  • increased life satisfaction 

  • reduction of pain and chronic pain

  • emotional regulation 

  • increased body and mind functioning

Our wellness services are available to those around the world through the use of online distanced sessions. 

The Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center provides specific coaching services for individuals all around the world. 

The purpose of coaching is to develop and implement strategies to help you reach personally identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. As a coaching client you will work with a highly trained, certified, and / or licensed coach* on identifying your individual goals in sessions that work with your schedule. Sessions can take place in our office, in your home, in the local community, or online via secure video platforms. 


All of the Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center coaches are held to the highest standards of the mental health field, including but not limited to, training standards, experience, supervision, consultation, continued education, and ethical guidelines. 


If you are ready to clearly identify your goals, learn new tools to reach these goals, and move forward with enjoying your ideal life, then you are ready to meet your coach. Call us at (760) 566-5516 to be paired with your ideal coach. 



*Licensed coaches are licensed mental health providers. There are no current licenses specifically for coaches. 


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