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Are you looking for a way to reduce tension, stress, and anxiety naturally? 


Breathwork is a powerful set of breathing techniques that allows an individual to quiet one’s mind naturally without the use of medications or supplements. It has been found to help in self-discovery, anger management, increase individual empowerment, and reduce stress and anxiety. 


Breathwork can be a powerful tool when going through the psychotherapy process in that it can aid in creating a safe and calm baseline while processing trauma, substance abuse, conflict, depression, and anxiety. The psychotherapy process takes dedication and hard work, in that it often encourages one to explore difficult emotions and past experiences. Having tools that allow you to go through this process with fewer emotional extreme ups and down can positively impact the psychotherapy process. 


But it is not only beneficial as a supportive aspect of the psychotherapy process. Breathwork can be used as part of one’s day-to-day routine to help in the following areas:  

  • Increase Mindfulness

  • Growth in self esteem

  • Aid in a sense of grounding 

  • Reducing blood pressure 

  • Increase digestive system function 

  • Reduce muscle tension 

  • Aid in emotional regulation 

  • Reduce levels of anger


Is Breathwork right for you? 


Breathwork techniques are easy to learn. The trained staff at the Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center are able to teach a variety of techniques that pair best with you, your life style, your goals for Breathwork, and level of skill / dedication. We are able to teach Breathwork techniques to all those that are interested, be it adults, children, and all those in-between. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a form of breathing technique or exercise. It is done as an aspect of meditation, yoga, or as a stand-alone technique to increase relaxation and obtain a sense of calm. 


Is breathwork the same as meditation? 

Although breathwork and meditation have multiple similarities such as relief or stress and anxiety, aids in calming the mind, and increased healing of mind, body, and soul, they are not the same practice. Breathwork, unlike meditation, teaches healthy manipulation of breathing, is viewed as a less overwhelming process, and can be done independently with fewer supportive sessions. 


Is Breathwork safe? 

The breathing technique taught by the Therapeutic and Wellness Solution Center staff are aimed at stopping the body’s stress response system by engaging the body’s natural relaxation response system. Breathing techniques have been researched and proven to have positive impacts on one’s heart, brain, and digestive system. Breathwork is viewed as a noninvasive practice.

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