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Therapeutic Services


Therapy Services in California 


The services that we provide are aimed at reducing the challenges and discomfort that client's feel in their lives. This may be through the lens of individual, couples, family, or child counseling. 

We offer services to residents of California both in person at our office location in San Marcos and online through a secure online platform. For more information on any of our specialties please visit our speciality pages or reach out to us directly via phone or email.

Therapy Services in Oregon & Wyoming


Although we are located in San Diego County, Jessica Moran is fully licensed in Oregon and Wyoming. She works with Oregon and Wyoming residents through distance counseling or Telehealth. She is able to provide Telehealth to adults in need of assistance with premarital and couples counseling, reducing anxiety and / or depression, family challenges (such as how to create positive family systems and how to reduce manipulative behaviors in children), ADD/ADHD, as well as grief and loss.

Although some therapists will provide distance counseling for children. We do not offer this due to the play therapy approach we utilize, in that we feel that too much is lost in Telehealth services for children.

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